Best ways to lose weight without losing the condition of your health

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Losing weight and being slim and trim is the new need for the young generation. Thus, there are a number of fitness programs that have come up that can help you in losing your weight. But teenagers today in order to lose their weight often lead themselves to an unhealthy condition. So, you should take care that with the proper weight loss program you should also take care of your health in a proper way. There are a number of ways that experts have now suggested keeping a healthy condition while shedding your extra fat from the body.


Many of the teenagers think that going for dieting can help in losing weight fast. But experts suggest that this is actually a wrong kind of practice. When you are skipping your breakfast or lunch, you may burn some pounds, but as you eat the next time, you will unknowingly eat extra due to hunger. This will increase your weight in place of decreasing. Also staying hungry for a long time can create trouble in the internal systems. Your stomach and intestines secrete various juices all the time to digest the food you eat. If you stay hungry for long, then these acidic juices will start acting on the walls of your organs that can damage your internal systems. 2015-07-21 13-43-39
The best way is to eat food but in a proper way. You can plan out a diet where you consume fat-free food and also in small amounts but at regular intervals. Do not eat full stomach meals in 5-6 hours gap, rather consider eating in intervals. You can complete your lunch in 2-3 intervals of 1 hour each. Also replace your daily habits and your favorite junks with healthy food items. For example, drink lots of water in summer in place of soda; replace your mug of coffee with green tea and many others.

Working out

Many of the teenagers also have this misconception that working out for long hours can help them in losing weight. But experts say that this can also be harmful to your health. Your body is made in such way that it can tolerate and manage only a particular amount of stress. But if you over stress your body, then it can create trouble for your tissues and tendons. If not in recent time, then you may have some problems in future such as pain, arthritis, and many others. 2015-07-21 13-44-38
The ideal way to work out is to warm up before going for difficult sessions. Also, you should work out the maximum for 3-4 hours and that also in 2 intervals. In a week, it is advisable to work out for 4-5 days only.

For people who are not accustomed to heavy workouts, the best ways are going for walks and running during mornings and evenings. Also, you can go for cycling or practice yoga regularly. Many people prefer to play outdoor games such as badminton, cricket, swimming and many others that are an excellent exercise to keep you fit and healthy.