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Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle!

By on Jan 29, 2016 in Video |

While working hard and through for your ambitions in life is certainly an excellent thing, but at the same time, it isn’t advisable to do it at the cost of your physical, mental and emotional well being. Illness and bad health will after all lower your productivity levels. The good news is, learning to take good care of your health is not rocket science, and the...

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How to Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting

By on Dec 22, 2015 in Video |

Everyone knows that by going on a diet through exercise, it is possible to lose weight. But what many people do not realise is the way to eat right during the rigorous phase of losing weight. Though proteins and other nutrients are important, it is necessary to consume these at proper intervals. Instead of bingeing when you eat food once, it is much better to...

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Steps to Achieving Personal Wellness

By on Nov 17, 2015 in Video |

When it comes to personal wellness, everyone wants to stay fit and healthy. But when you are working this topic almost remains untouched. By being busy all day with work, we almost ignore our health and often skip meals or may drink too many cups of coffee, this may end up with the worst. We can stay healthy even if we work just by considering a few facts. Plan your...

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How to stay Fit while Working from Home

By on Nov 16, 2015 in Video |

Working at home is no less challenging than working in an office for many reasons. First of all, there are no standard timings for meals. Breaks can either be too long, too short, or non-existent. The major difference between this and office work is the flexibility of time. However, since movement is very limited, muscles tend to get stiff at home. One should...

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Fitness & Healthy Tips ♥

By on Sep 30, 2015 in Video |

Getting a healthy diet and keeping fit are major priorities for many people to stay away from diseases. Eating the natural food and doing exercises regularly are important tasks that keep internal organs healthy. Keep regularly shopping for fresh vegetables and fruits, so that your diet always comprises of the best nutrition. Some of the fruits like strawberries,...

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