5 Things to Opt for a Healthy Lifestyle

By on May 22, 2015 in Health & Fitness Tips |

The three golden words, ’Health is Wealth’ – have unfortunately become nothing more than a clichéd adage for many of us. The hectic and frantically paced lifestyle, long and never ending office hours, frequent board meetings and parties stretching till wee hours of weekend mornings leaves no room for us to focus on our most precious gift. It’s like driving a car, wherein the fuel depletes at a rate that’s directly proportional to the speed. We need to slow down to ensure that our fuel, which is nothing but our health lasts longer and we stay fitter to encounter the everyday challenges of life. Developing a healthy regime is an ongoing process and not something that can be achieved by mending our ways for a day or two. Once we get into the habit of caring for our body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a plethora of positive changes to our entire personality will be evidently visible. Among the various things that we should do to achieve this, there are five things that we should definitely opt for on a regular basis to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Regular Exercise: Exercising is known to have profound positive effects on our physical and mental health. Working up a sweat helps us control weight and keeps away the unwanted fat, which is a well-known culprit for many diseases. Exercise is not only about hitting the gym; it involves any kind of physical activity, ranging from jogging to playing a game of badminton or squash.


Eating Right: Healthy eating complements exercising and is necessary for achieving a healthy lifestyle. Foods that have high nutritious value go a long way in improving our overall health and have a number of other benefits too. A healthy and well balanced diet keeps our weight in check and reduces the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Our endeavour should be to consume a diet that comprises of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. A great way to eat and drink right is making it a habit of having a good Australian Detox Tea. There could be different variants of organic tea like  green tea, sleep tea, energy tea, slimming tea, body tea etc. You can now even buy tea online which is awesome! 


Drinking Gallons of Water: The importance of drinking a lot of water cannot be stressed enough. It is perhaps one of the simplest things that we can do to lead a healthy life. Not only does water replenish the fluid loss of our body, it also offers tons of other benefits. Water serves as a brilliant detoxifier as it flushes out the harmful toxins. It also helps in keeping our skin glowing and removes fatigue.


Managing Stress: Some people have kneeled down before a Satan named stress and have accepted it as an inevitable part of their lives. The ever increasing office pressure and tensions, the constantly swelling bills and the never ending personal issues make them helpless victims of stress. But such people have more control over their lives than they think, and this is where stress management begins. It’s all about taking control over your thoughts and emotions. This can be achieved by practicing meditation, yoga and by reading motivational books.


Having Sound Sleep: While technology has gone a long way in giving us a comfortable and luxurious life, it has got us hooked to certain bad practices as well. Quality of our sleep has been deteriorating drastically with many of us glued to the television, laptop and mobile screens till late nights. We should try to part away from all our beloved and fancy gadgets at least thirty minutes before going to bed. Getting quality sleep at night helps mind work properly which in turn paves the way for a healthy lifestyle.